Curation Volunteers

Working with our Horticulture team and Curator of Collections, our Curation Volunteers assist with the propagation, pest management, and care of unique and exotic plants in our nursery and Conservatory. 

Conservatory Exotic Plant Care

Volunteers are trained by our Horticulture Staff in the Conservatory. This will entail some pest control and will also entail detailed spraying of plant material with streams of high pressure water to control scale, mealybug, and other pests. You will get wet, but the pleasure of working in the Conservatory is a rare opportunity!

Knowledge or Training Required:
Knowledge of safe use of hand tools. 

Standing, walking, kneeling or bending; moderate lifting (burlap and empty/lights trash cans), watering, light raking; ability to move hoses and be comfortable working while wet and dirty. 


Positions currently not available.