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Tickets / Reservations

Do I need to make a reservation for my visit?  Reservations are highly encouraged. Tickets / Reservations. Guests should create a new user profile to make reservations. For Members, log into your account with your login ID/username and select the SDBG Member Adult or SDBG Member Youth option so you are not charged day admission. Use the Guest Pass option if redeeming SDBG Guest Pass(es). Reservations will be emailed to you. Please have reservations / memberships ready to scan upon arrival. Please note, San Diego Botanic Garden does not process cash transactions.

Why is making a reservation important? Reservations for both members and visitors are strongly recommended, with the exception of qualified Museums for All visitors. Walk-in admission is not guaranteed on high-volume days. Please note, San Diego Botanic Garden does not process cash transactions.

I need to change or cancel my reservation. How do I do this? Please contact Visitor Services by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Visitor Services”. Visitor Services is available daily 9am – 5pm, except Tuesdays, for any reservation adjustments.

What admission discounts do you offer? Discounts are available for Military (active, reserve, or retired) with valid ID; Seniors (60+), and Students with valid ID. We also offer discounted admissions under Museums for All. Museums for All discounts are currently available for walk-in Admission only.

I am a Member. How do I make a reservation? When making reservations on our website, please use the Member Adult or Member Youth options to ensure you are not charged for Admission. You will be asked to show your Membership card and ID to enter.

I am from a Reciprocal Garden. How do I make reservations?   San Diego Botanic Garden participates in the American Horticultural Society Reciprocal Admissions Program. Members of this program receive free Admission. When making reservations please use the Reciprocal Admission option to ensure you are not charged Admission. You will be asked to show your reciprocal Garden Membership card and ID to enter.

How do I apply same-day admission towards a Membership?  If you are still at the Garden, stop by the Welcome Center and fill out an application. If you are not at the Garden, please contact the Membership department by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”. Admission credit will only be applied for those that can be covered by the membership selected. Only same-day admission conversions will be honored. We cannot accept cash at this time for Membership conversions.

How do I use my guest passes? When making reservations on our website, please select the Guest Pass option on the list of ticket options. You must present either the digital or physical guest pass in order to redeem them. If you have gifted your passes to someone else, you do not need to be present for them to use them.

I do not have my guest pass(es). How do I bring a guest without being charged? Guest passes must be presented at the time of use or you will need to pay Admission for your guest(s). When you sign up for a Membership on site, you are given your guest pass(es). If you sign up online, they are sent to you digitally in the receipt you receive after purchasing. The Garden is not responsible for lost or stolen guest passes.

May I use my guest passes from another Garden for entrance?  At this time, we are not accepting guest passes from other Gardens.

Can I leave and come back on the same day?  Yes!  Please stop by the Welcome Center for a hand stamp for same day readmission to the Garden.

Are there discounts for Group Visits? The Garden offers group visits and private tours for Adults or School & Youth Groups. Groups must be booked two weeks in advance. Please visit our Private Group Tours page for more information and to begin the booking process.

How do I qualify for Museums for All admission? Any individual with a valid EBT, SNAP, WIC can qualify for the Museums for all Admission of $1. Present a valid photo ID and your valid EBT, SNAP, WIC card upon arrival to the Welcome Center for the Museums for All discount. Upon verifying Museums for All qualifications, the Garden provides $1 admission for up to 4 visitors.

How do I make a reservation with Museums for All? Reservations are not required for Admission covered by Museums for All. Walk-in Admission will be available for participants. Please be prepared to pay with credit or debit card as the Garden does not accept cash.

I am unable to attend a class I have registered and paid for. What should I do? Please reach out to the Education department for assistance by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Education”. Each class has separate booking policies and some are non refundable or transferable.


Is there a cost for parking? At this time, there is no additional fee for parking at the Garden during regular daytime Admission hours. Select events may require parking fees.

Are there electric vehicle chargers available? At this time, the Garden does not have EV chargers, we recommend charging your vehicle prior to your visit.

Can I leave my vehicle at the Garden overnight? Vehicles are not permitted to be left in any San Diego Botanic Garden parking areas overnight. Vehicles must depart by 5:15pm and are subject to towing at the owner’s expense if left after hours. If you are having trouble removing your vehicle, please contact Visitor Services at the Welcome Center or by calling (760) 436-3036 x 231.


Visitor Services

What are the Garden’s operating hours? The Garden is open daily from 9AM-5PM, closed on Tuesdays.

Are outside food & drinks permitted? Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed for general visits in all areas except the indoor Dickinson Family Education Conservatory. Outside food and beverage policy may change based on specific events.

Do you have picnic areas?  The Garden has a limited number of picnic tables for visitors to use. Visitors are also welcome to find seating on the Gazebo Lawn or at benches throughout the Garden to picnic.

Does the Garden sell food? We are currently in the process of constructing our Cork Oak Cafe! Currently, we have a limited number of snack options available at the coffee cart near the Cork Oak Cafe or at the Welcome Center.

Are visitors permitted to take home cuttings, seeds, or parts of plants that are found? Plant removal of any kind is not permitted at the Garden unless specified by specific Garden programs. The removal of plant material from our grounds is illegal.

Can I use my drone to take photographs? San Diego Botanic Garden is a DRONE FREE ZONE. Drones are not permitted in the Garden.

Do you accept plant donations at the Garden? If you have plant materials that you believe the Garden could use, please use our “Contact Us” option and select “Donate a Plant.” Donations of plants or physical goods/materials can only be accepted at the Garden with prior approval. DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR PLANTS AT THE GARDEN WITHOUT STAFF APPROVAL.

Can visitors bring in decorations such as confetti, glitter, balloons, or fireworks, etc.? Decorative or celebratory items that could damage or litter the Garden are not permitted on the grounds. Please use the “Contact Us”  page if you have questions regarding what you can bring with you on your visit.

Do you permit smoking? San Diego Botanic Garden is a smoke-free environment. Smoking of any kind is NOT PERMITTED including electronic and vapor cigarettes.

I have mobility issues. Do you have wheelchairs for rent? The Garden has a limited amount of wheelchairs available first come, first serve at our Welcome Center. To borrow a wheelchair please alert our Visitor Services staff and we can confirm if one is available. Wheelchair loans are free. Visitors must supply a valid ID for the Welcome Center team to hold while wheelchairs are in use.

I have mobility issues. Do you have a shuttle? The Garden offers a volunteer run shuttle service that provides pick up and drop off at select locations throughout the Garden. Shuttle service may vary and we ask visitors to confirm if the shuttle service is available on the day of their visit. Foldable mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs can be loaded onto the shuttle.

Do you have a lost and found?  Lost and found is located at the Welcome Center. If you believe you have left something in the Garden, please notify us by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Visitor Services”.

Do you allow pets? The Garden has a strict no pet policy for the safety of your pet, our living plant and wildlife collection, and/or visitors. This also applies to pets that are carried, leashed, caged and/or in a terrarium of any kind. Visitors may not release animals of any kind in any part of the Garden. This policy does not apply to trained Service Animals as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Can I leave my pet in my vehicle while I visit? California state law prohibits leaving animals in any unattended motor vehicle that endangers their health or well-being. SDBG will expel all violators and report them to the authorities.

What is the Garden’s Service Animal Policy? Only service animals, as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) are welcome in the Garden. A service animal is defined as “any dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not considered service animals.” The task(s) performed by the dog must directly relate to the person’s disability. Service animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered while in public places unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. If a service animal is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control it, staff may request that the animal be removed from the premises. Emotional support, therapy, comfort or companion animals are not considered service animals under the ADA.
Still have a question?  Contact the Visitor Services department by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Visitor Services”.


How do I become a member? The easiest way to become a member is online. You may also join in person at the Welcome Center or by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”. We do not save your credit card information and will not sell your personal information.

What levels of Membership do you offer? Follow this link to our Membership descriptions: Membership Levels. Memberships may take a few weeks to process. Please purchase memberships one at a time (not combined) if purchasing more than one. Please allow for ample processing time for Gift Memberships. Existing or renewing Members will have a login ID/username and password. If you do not know this information, please contact the Membership Department by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”.

Do you offer any discounts toward Membership? Discounts to the Basic Memberships levels include US Military (active, reserve or veteran with valid ID), Senior (60+) or Student (with valid ID). Only 1 discount will be applied per Membership.

How do I log in? In most cases, your logon ID/username is your email address. If this does not work or you are having issues, please contact us by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”.

How do I change my logon information? Please contact us by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”. Each card member should have their own logon in order to receive Member discounts on classes or programs.
How do I change my personal information? If you are unable to update your information, please contact us by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”.

How do I change a card member’s name? Memberships are processed for named adults for a year from the month of purchase. Names are not regularly changed on membership cards. For any extenuating circumstances, please contact us by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”. Any cards you want to replace will need to be relinquished prior to a new member card being issued and a name change fee may apply.

I did not receive my Membership package. What should I do? Please check the email and spam folder of the Primary Cardholder. In the majority of cases Primary Members will have received an email with the subject DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD(S) San Diego Botanic Garden. This will have your membership card links, login ID/username and (in some cases) guest pass(es) along with step-by-step instructions to either download your card(s) to your mobile device or print at home. If it has been more than 4 weeks, please email us at with a copy of your receipt if you cannot locate this email. If you are having difficulty with the links in your email, please contact us by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership” with a description and we will send refreshed links.

Why do I have to use the name on my ID and not a nickname that I go by?  All members must use their legal name as it appears on the ID when signing up for a membership. Members will be asked to show ID and Membership cards when checking in at the Welcome Center, these names must match or entry will be denied.

Family and Family Plus Memberships say “up to” x number of cards. What does this mean?  The Family Level Membership is for any adult that has youth under the age of 18. They have the option of having a second named adult card for the Membership. Family Plus can have up to 4 named adult cards. ALL included adults on the membership must be named, there are no exceptions. All families with children must select from the Family, Family Plus or higher membership levels even if there is only one adult in the household.

What’s the difference between Dual Membership and Family Membership?  Dual Membership is for 2 named adults and does not include youth. Family Membership includes up to 2 named adults and any youth under the age of 18. Only adults receive Membership cards.

Why can I not have an “And Guest” card? All Cards when issued must contain an adult’s First and Last Names. The membership program does not accommodate any requests to add “And Guest ” to a Primary member’s card to fill an adult name slot for lack of additional adult cardholders in the household. The Primary member is allowed to name adults outside their own household to fill these spots. Those who are interested in privileges that allow them to bring in an accompanying guest or “Plus One” can benefit by purchasing from the Larabee Tiers: Cactus or higher.

How long is a Membership good for?  Memberships start the day of purchase and end the last day of the month the following year. Memberships are not prorated and cannot be started at a later time. Gift Certificates are available for purchase and will start when redeemed.

I’ve misplaced or lost my guest passes, can they be replaced?  Digital or physical guest passes cannot be reissued. We are not responsible for lost or stolen guest passes.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?  Yes, we sell Gift Certificates for Memberships. Membership starts when the physical certificate is redeemed. We are not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. Contact the Membership Department by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”.

What other Gardens will I have reciprocal privileges with?  Please check the latest information at the American Horticultural Society for a list of participating Gardens. We advise you to contact each Garden directly to verify that they still participate in the reciprocal program, and how many people are covered for free or discounted admission at their Garden. Please make sure to follow their reservation/walk-up guidelines.

I am moving/have moved. Can I give my membership to another family or get my money back?  Memberships are non-transferable.  Since they may be used at other reciprocal Gardens across the country, it is possible your new location may have a garden nearby. Memberships are non-refundable.

Is the Membership tax deductible?  The estimated Fair Market Value of a Membership is $95. Portions of the Larabee tier Memberships may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for details. Basic Membership does not have any tax deduction value. Still have a question?  Please contact the Membership Department by using the “Contact Us” option and selecting “Membership”.