San Diego Botanic Garden App

Let wonder inspire you at San Diego Botanic Garden with our self-guided tour app. Featuring images, descriptions, and audio translations in both English and Spanish, the app can help deepen your connection to our plant collection, as well as help you find your way around the Garden’s 37+ acres!

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Self-Guided Tours

By allowing the app to use your location while on property, you will be alerted to different plants of interest around the Garden. You can also use the main map to help guide you around different areas of the Garden.

Currently, visitors can explore our new Medicinal Plants self-guided tour (below). Check back for more tours, which will be updated here as they are added to the app!

Medicinal Plants Tour 

Plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years by people across the globe to help cure ailments – from common illnesses like sore throats and fevers, to enhancing digestion and promoting heart health. Our collection features over 2,000 medicinal plants from regions around the world. And that’s just a fraction of the estimated 35,000 – 50,000 known medicinal plants worldwide. During this tour, we’ll highlight some of our favorite plants with medicinal uses throughout our gardens. 



The SDBG app is free and easily downloadable on iOS and Android devices. Click your preferred app store icon below to download and explore! Those interested in viewing tour content from afar can access the app via desktop here.


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