Wednesday February 28, 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Medicinal plants have been used to aid human health from time immemorial. From traditional uses to modern medicine, they offer innumerous health benefits. Many have dedicated their lives to sharing the knowledge of their use. Join us for an informative and inspirational multi-speaker workshop to help build knowledge and understanding of our connection to the healing powers of plants. 

Nature’s Pharmacy with Dr. Quave, “The Plant Hunter” (Award-winning author and host of the Foodie Pharmacology podcast)
The answer to some of the world’s most pressing problems could be held within our oldest remedies! Join award-winning author, explorer, and host of the Foodie Pharmacology podcast, Dr. Cassandra Quave, as she shares the story of her quest to develop new ways to fight illness and disease through the healing powers of plants. Create your own tea blend and grab a signed copy of The Plant Hunter, hailed as one of the best books of 2021 by Kirkus!

Bringing Native Plants into the Holistic Healing Toolkit with Brophy Toledo (Native American Healer from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico)
Many people find their curative agents in native medicinal plants, and some Western doctors work hand in hand with traditional healers, including Brophy, to find optimal health outcomes for patients in need. Brophy will talk to us about and demonstrate the importance of our connection with the planet, connection with the plants, and connection with all the other living organisms that has allowed for traditional healing to remain important since ancient times through modern days and still going strong into the future.

Fragrance Gardens and Their Health Benefits in the Face of Climate Change with Gary Nabhan (Distinguished professor based in Arizona)
As a designer of desert fragrance gardens, agave gardens and contemplative gardens, ethnobotanist Gary Nabhan will discuss fresh research of the health benefits of fragrant native desert herbs, shrubs and agaves in the face of climate change and the increasing epidemic of diseases of oxidative stress. He will also discuss the health benefits of involving youth in hands-on ecological restoration of native habitats.

Connecting People to Medicinal Plants with Corinne Feinberg (Pathlight Healing Herbalist based in San Diego)
This will be a first-hand experience of the medicinal benefits of plants that reminds us that herbal medicine doesn’t have to be purely based in rote memorization, but rather felt experience of imbibing a single-herb tea/infusion internally can provide a whole host of understanding about the medicinal aspects.  It will be an opportunity for participants to notice how palpable herbal medicine is in their bodies and realize the potential of plants to communicate through our senses.

Doctors of the Forest with Chief Yama Nomanawa and Romeya Paje Peno Kamanawa (Healers from the Noki Koi tribe in the Amazon rainforest)
Traveling from the Amazon rainforest, these two extraordinary guests will share insights into the sacred traditions, beliefs, and wisdoms of the Noke Koî people of the Nomanawa village in Acre, Brazil. The Nomanawa family has resided on the banks of the Tauari River since the first generations of the Noke Koî people. Their mission on Earth is to care for and protect the rainforest, preserving their land and nature. As the leader of his community, Chief Yama Nomanawa has been a key element in ensuring his people continue to practice their culture and pass on their knowledge to future generations. He affirms the Noke Koî are the first nation in the Amazon – they consider themselves to be the roots of Brazil, roots of culture, and roots of healing.

Speaking alongside Chief Yama Nomanawa, Romeya Paje Peno Kamanawa is a spiritual leader of his Nation. Pajé Peno represents his culture and keeps the tradition of Romeya (the highest level of shamanic doctor/curandero in the region). Currently he’s one of only a few Romeya Pajes in the world. As all doctors of the Forest, he attends to his community, helping in all physical, mental and spiritual processes. He also works with communities around the world, including other indigenous, to share and represent his techniques. Paje Peno’s wife, Vari, and Ata Nomanawa – a renowned musician from the tribe – will also be supporting with their wisdom and music.


Cost: Members $12, non-members $18. Workshop fees include Garden admission and lunch

Class format: In-person, indoors

Please register by February 24