Thursday, June 20, 2024

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Celebrate The Summer Solstice with San Diego based Sound Healer, Jazmine Amelia, and the Sound Bath Ceremony Collective, amidst the stunning landscape of the San Diego Botanic Garden’s Dickinson Family Education Conservatory.

Harness the solstice’s energy to set intentions for inner nourishment, during this one-of-a-kind, nature inspired sound bath. Surrounded by a canopy of breathtaking hanging gardens, glass walls and enveloped by enchanting flora, the ethereal tones of Alchemy crystal singing bowls and Gongs will guide you to a state of deep tranquility, where stresses melt away and inner harmony is restored. Join four Sound Healers for an unforgettable evening of sound and serenity in the heart of our botanical paradise!

Jazmine Amelia is a San Diego-based master Sound Bath Practitioner and teacher/mentor who has guided thousands of souls through sound baths and ceremony. Her sound baths have garnered the attention of major brands such as Google, DC Comics, Bravo TV and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Sound Bath Ceremony Collective is a global community of sound healers expertly trained by Jazmine Amelia in the harmonious art of sound healing and ceremonial practices. Drawing upon ancient wisdom and modern techniques, this collective of Sound Healers offers transformative experiences that harmonize the mind, body, and spirit through the power of music, vibration, ceremony and ritual.

Class format: In-person, indoors. SDBG follows local safety and health guidelines, and supports staff and visitors who choose to wear masks as they prefer.

Please bring your own yoga mat, pillows and blankets for comfort. We suggest a pillow for under your knees, blankets as padding under your body/to cover your body, and a blanket or pillow for under your head. 


Cost: Members $52, non-members $60.  Class fees include admission to Dickinson Family Education Conservatory only.

SDBG Members: you must be logged into your membership account to receive your membership rates and benefits, which will be applied in your cart at checkout.

Please register by June 19th. Day-of tickets can be purchased at the door space permitting. 

Please reach out to the Education Department via or (760) 436-3036 ext. 208 with questions or concerns regarding your order, including refunds, rescheduling, and more.