Monday, June 24,  5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Join herbalist Corinne Feinberg as she teaches you about the medicinal benefits of plants through a sensory experience of how herbal medicine feels in your body while drinking single-herb tea infusions. This folk tradition – meaning “for the people” – of herbalism is centered around cultivating a relationship and listening to the wisdom of the natural world as a portal to understanding how plants can support us in all facets of our being, and how we can in turn support their ability to thrive alongside us.

Corinne is trained at The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education’s two-year apprenticeship in addition to 400 hours of herbal medicine study with various teachers and has been teaching herbalism from a sensory perspective since 2015 throughout the northeastern United States and in southern California. 

She invites you to join in playful learning, meditative medicine, pleasure for the senses, and the ever-unfolding wisdom of the plant kingdom as we learn about herbal medicine from direct experience paired with scientific findings. We’ll be exploring non-psychoactive plants and sitting amongst the diverse medicinal plants on the verdant grounds of the Garden.

Previous herbal medicine knowledge or experience is not necessary to attend.

Class format: SDBG follows local safety and health guidelines, and supports staff and visitors who choose to wear masks as they prefer. 

Cost: Members $40, non-members $48. Walk-ups welcome for an additional $10, space permitting. Class fees do not include Garden admission (access to class location only).

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Please register by June 22.