Sunday October 8, 9 – 11 a.m.

Nature or Forest Bathing is the practice of connecting with the natural world through personal experience. We must slow our pace to notice Nature’s intelligent beauty, unleash our perceptual abilities and expand our imaginations. Sensory awareness always brings us into the present moment, and nature bathing does that while activating the senses we often overlook. Learn about phytoncides, terpenes, and the natural “medicine” in Nature’s atmosphere. 

This class is a timeless 2-hour excursion in the garden.                                                                                

Your guide, Rhana Kozak Ph.D., is a San Diego Botanic Garden Docent, Certified Forest and Nature Bathing Guide since 2015, Herbalist, and all-around Nature lover.   


Class format: In-person, outdoors

Cost: Members $30, non-members $36.

Please register by October 5.