Available October-July

General Garden Exploration (Grades K-12)

Come see what’s growing and blooming in the Garden! Every plant has a unique story. From rare and endangered species to plants we use in our daily lives, you and your students will be amazed at what you’ll discover at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

Amazing Adaptations (Grades 1-4)

Join us in discovering some of the unique adaptations plants have to survive in different habitats.

Around the World with Plants (Grades 1-4)

Travel the world without leaving Encinitas! Students will sharpen their geography skills while learning about plant adaptations that help plants survive in different places. Join us for an exploration of Southern California, Australia, and South Africa through plants.

Using Our Senses to Explore the Garden (Grades K-1)

What does that flower smell like? Why is that leaf fuzzy? Do you hear any birds chirping in the trees? What color is that leaf? Join us for a fun and unique way to learn about plants and the Garden – with our senses!

Human and Plant Connections (Grades 3-5)

Throughout history we have been closely connected to plants and their wisdom. Although plants are in our daily lives in many ways, we may not always consider how important they are for our planet; what does the past, present, and future of human and plant interaction look like? From traditional uses for food and medicine to current conservation efforts, we will explore our unique and fascinating connections to plants through a Garden exploration.

Available April-July

Plants and Pollinators (Grades 2-5)

Birds, bees, butterflies, and more! Pollinators love the San Diego Botanic Garden. Join us as we explore the unique relationships between plants and their pollinators through observation and data collection.