This spring, San Diego Botanic Garden was recognized as a beneficiary by local philanthropic organization Las Patronas. The grant, along with funds provided by the County of San Diego, allowed the Garden to purchase a field vehicle for use in SDBG research, environmental restoration, and conservation projects. 


With a rapidly growing number of projects and team members, an additional field vehicle has been vital to ensuring the safe transportation of staff, tools, and materials to and from project sites from as near as Cottonwood Creek Park and Ocean Knoll Elementary School in Encinitas, to as far as the remote Otay Mountain Wilderness Area and Anza Borrego Desert State Park. 


Funding for this field vehicle will contribute to present and future project activities, whose impacts extend far beyond the Garden. The open space areas we work to protect and restore are directly enjoyed by people for recreation and other purposes, and because these areas provide myriad indirect benefits to society in the form of improved water quality, soil conservation, wildlife habitat, and other ecosystem services, these projects truly support all of San Diego County.


The new field truck (silver) joining older truck (red) on field trips, driving down dirt path along the mountain side.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of Las Patronas and the County of San Diego, which allows us to continue doing important work in the fields of science and conservation! 

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