World of Houseplants

Saturday, July 16 – Monday, September 5

SDBG “Member Hour” on Sundays, 9-10 am

San Diego Botanic Garden hosts its first houseplant showcase in our state-of-the-art, 8,000 square foot, glass-enclosed facility – the Dickinson Family Education Conservatory. In addition to the beautiful and immersive displays, the show features vendors on select weekends selling plants, potting materials, and other merchandise.


Member Hour: Sundays, 9-10 am


The popularity of houseplants has surged recently, and for good reason. With the right conditions and care, the array of plants that can be grown indoors is vast. Houseplants have moved to center stage in many homes as an integral part of décor and for their health benefits.

World of Houseplant is staged in the Garden’s state-of-the-art, 8,000 square foot, glass-enclosed facility – the Dickinson Family Education Conservatory. Building on the already impressive collection of air plants, aroids, carnivorous plants and wax plants on display in the conservatory, the show’s exhibits incorporate hundreds more houseplants, from easy, everyday plants to rare species. SDBG’s highly awarded Artist-in-Residence, René van Rems, AIFD, serves as Creative Director for the exhibition. Van Rems brings a reimagined look to the common houseplants we know well, showcasing them in beautiful pots and arranging them among featured plants traditionally grown only by collectors.

Amidst the backdrop of incredible plant diversity within the conservatory, guests can learn to identify and care for their houseplants. Whether you’re a seasoned plant aficionado or you struggle to keep any plant alive, you will take home increased plant knowledge and a greener thumb. To learn even more about houseplant care, enroll in one of the classes we offer during the run of the exhibition. Our teachers will share tips and demonstrate techniques for potting, watering, lighting, feeding, eliminating pests, troubleshooting, and setting up your own plant collection.


The Garden has an on-site plant shop that sells a variety of houseplants and periodically offers cuttings and seedlings from its collection. On select days during World of Houseplants, vendors from the US and abroad set up booths to sell everyday plants, coveted collector plants, potting materials, unique pots, and other houseplant products. Leave inspired by the exhibition and go home with a new addition to your collection.



Houseplant Basics Class

Do you accidentally kill your houseplants? Join Jeremy Bugarchich, Curator of Collections, as he guides you through meeting all the care requirements for houseplants of different types. Participants will receive a new plant to take home and the confidence they can care for it.

Saturday, August 13, 10am-12pm. Register by July 31.

Details- August 13